Cyber Security

Cyber Security

With the digital transformation and adoption, Organizations across industries are facing increasing volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks.

Our Cyber Security Consulting practice has developed a holistic cyber security approach to help our customers assess and address the growing challenge of cyber threats. We offer a comprehensive view to our customers with a complete picture of their security posture, helping them identify gaps and the areas they need to focus upon.
Our Cybersecrity offering covers business assets to various IT assets across the customer base.

Business Assets – Understanding of business processes and data, common view of their criticality across the organization and awareness of their presence on the underlying infrastructure

Threat Perception – Effectiveness of the organization in collecting, analyzing and disseminating threat information

Defense – Evaluation of the various defenses across the processes, defense tools, people and organizational skills; the defense assessment is along three themes – proactive defense, attack detection and aspects of response management

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